Thursday, April 21, 2005

I have pain in my eyes

Ive heard that vision is a gift,
But can see now that its a curse.

I have pain in my eyes to see what goes around me.If i had a choice i would have born blind.Or more preferably i wouldnt taken life in that case.

My eyes pain to see that my friends are blind.

Ive seen the beauty of this world with these eyes,but then to see that my friends dont see what i see, pains me.

The Taj Mahal is one of the most beautiful things ive ever seen with my eyes. But now many see it as a battleground.Now who in all the world knows what a battleground is more than i do?

"Many of us know the Taj mahal as the eternal symbol of pure love.The love Shajahan had for his wife Mumtaz Mahal. As the story goes, when Mumtaz mahal passes away during a child birth a desolate Shajahan decides to built the beauty thus known as Taj Mahal , coined ofcourse
from MumTAZ Mahal itself.So far so good with the story. But then there was a age old reference to another story on the orgin of the Taj Mahal , many thus claiming that Taj Mahal is the short for 'Tejo-maya-Mahal' or simply 'Tejo- Mahal' , the abode of shiva.Yes , Shajahan had acquired a ancient temple which the Rajputs of Agra had built (so it goes) and destroying all evidence of it being a temple made it his beloved's resting place.

Thus now the Taj Mahal is not the eternal blah blah blah of love we thought it is , but is another evidence of ancient hindu culture after a major stampade done by a Invader.

Now which way should this obivously turn to ?

Ok !
Should the minority claim it as their religious heritage spot and fight for it?
or May be the forlorn should inform its parishits or may be form a new 'Shankar Sena' (yes
ask google god) to preserve its lost splender?
or Mayb we should forget the religious part and fight for the money(yes the tajmahal
collected above 40 crores last year)

The exciting thing is that all these and more has already begun!.So when can we see the live telecast of breaking down of the Taj Mahal and then builting a Ram Mandir on top of it?(which channel ? NDTV, ....fool!)

To clear up things , i'll explain a bit okeyyy?

BJP leader Vinay Katiyar says the Taj Mahal is actually a graveyard and we(the Hindus) will do everything to reclaim it.He even procliams that we (again Hindus... fool!) will soon form a Shankar Sena(brother of Shivsena)

Hafiz Usman, Chairman, Sunni Waqf Board was obviously angry... man.He is sayin that Taj Mahal is ours(the muslims obviously..) and we want a share of the annual income... man.Also iam goin to move the courts to claim the Taj as a Waqf property(No no never muslim property.. I want the money honey!)

And thus was the court moved on Apr 19 and a due to a stranger called the Archeaological Survey of India, postponed to a later date.

By the way who is this Vinay Katiyar and Hazif Usman dear? unno .. iam a bit bad in dacoity stories .. hihi

Ladies and Gentle men Mr Vinay Kathiyar is the founder defacto etc tec of the Bhajrang dal
He held this post when the Babri Masjid was demolished on Dec 6 1992. (Wow! i didnt know that!) .Criminal charges have been brought against him in the case. At times he has taken credit for his involvement in the demolition, and claimed to be proud of it, while at other times (or even simultaneously) blaming everything on the INC government of the day.

Anddddd now
Mr Hazif Usman! : The president of the board who is now claiming that it would be enough that the someone registers the Taj as the Waqf property.

In comes
Mr Azam Khan(Who ? == urban development minster of state and convenor of the Babri Masjid Action Committee(BMAC) )
Asok Shingal(Rembr this guy ?.. he made a small mess abt the gotra family a while ago)
aaand Pravin Togadia both VHP activists.

(Wow! mindblowin naaa? see who all are interested?)

Thus the war scene set , we should really tune in to our TVs , for the taj breaking ceremony can happen anytime! "

Says Piyadasi , the beloved of gods , I see material interest , but i dont see religion becoz religion cannot be seen.It is made and remains in our hearts , like love does.

If u cant see what these men are upto i say ur blind... for there are people who have eyes and still cant see.

Some say the Taj is the symbol of love , but i say no! , for i have seen it with my own eyes and i promise u i didnt see anything shajahan did but the glory of human integrity and workmanship which went to it.The inumerable men of different caste , creed , societies who worked together to make it.What have Shajahan done anyway? Used the public money to make a monument for his wife? Did he ever lift a stone to help the workers?

Piyadasi the beloved of gods says that the Taj whoever has buit it is a eternal symbol of brotherhood and workmanship.Open your eyes and see or pluck it out and remain blind.


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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Wher are my eddicts?

Some of them are lost so lets start from the beginning.